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Why are you guys putting in time and resources to do this while not gaining a single penny from it?

Because it affects all of us. Today it's someone else who is getting infected; tomorrow it will be us. We need to prevent the spread. We need to document the data so that people with knowledge are able to use this data to make informed decisions.

Why does COVID19INDIA have a more positive count than MoH?

MoHFW updates the data at a scheduled time and we update them based on state press bulletins and official handles and reliable news channels which could be more recent.

What are your sources? How is the data gathered for this project?

We are using state bulletins and official handles to update our numbers. Source list here: Data is validated by a group of volunteers and published into a Google sheet and an API, which is available for all at We would love it if you can use this data in the fight against this virus.

Are you officially a part of the Government of India, if not then who are you?

We are students of PES University who are willing to make a change and help save lives by exposing false news and fake WhatsApp messages. We closely work with the team of COVID19INDIA to gather our statistics.


We are a group of dedicated volunteers who are curating and verifying the data coming from several sources. We extract the details, like the patient relationship to other patients (to identify local and community transmissions), travel history and status. We never collect or expose any personally identifiable data regarding the patients.